As an architecture or engineering professional, your skills are in demand on projects. The trick is to be found by those who are seeking your skills.
If you’re looking to offer your services as a freelancer, or you have your own small firm and you want to grow, Handiss can become part of your strategy to get clients, and to build a team to take on more projects.
1- Create A Great Profile
Filling your profile with your information is essential. But the way you write what’s in your profile significantly impacts how you’re perceived by someone considering hiring you. Think about the way you present yourself. Your profile picture, career summary, experience, and your other profile components can either grab attention and impress or get someone bored and uninterested.
2- Get Contacted
A/E firms and freelancers search through Handiss to find professionals they need for critical work on their projects. You may be directly contacted to check an RFQ (Request for Quotation) and submit your quote. You will get notified when you’re contacted, and all received RFQ will be listed in your Received RFQs section.
3- Submit Your Quote
If you decide to respond to an RFQ, you can ask your client questions first if you have any, and fill out your quotation through the Project Workspace, where there is an integrated quotation form and payment processing tools.
4- Get The Job
Submitting the quote is not the end of the story of course. Your quote needs to address the project requirements, convey that you know how to complete the work with high quality, and of course, the price has to be right. If you’re hired, you can get to work with your client and get paid through Handiss safely. Handiss charges you a 12% service fee.
You can also use your Handiss account to hire others in the network if you need to add
key professionals to your team on a project.
Create An RFQ (Request For Quotation)
Go to your RFQs section, click on My RFQs, and fill the form with all your job requirements.
Invite Professionals to Submit Quotes
Browse through the network and find the right people you need, then ask them to submit a quote by clicking on the Request Quote button.
Receive Submissions & Hire
The professionals you invited will ask you some questions and submit their quotes to you via the Project Workspace which is integrated on the Handiss website. Hire the best match!
Receive Your Work & Process Payments Safely
Our integrated escrow payment system provides protection to both sides of the transaction. Pay for separate milestones upfront and release the funds only when you’re happy with the work you receive.