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If you’re an engineer, an architect, or a consultant from the construction industry, we would
love to have you with us!

Handiss is the platform that can expand your reach and allow you to meet and work with
new clients from all over the world! Join our global network of industry experts covering
hundreds of industry related skills and expertise. Here are just some of the skills we are
constantly on the lookout for.
Structural Engineering
Building Architecture
Landscape Architecture
Highway Design
Geotechnical Engineering
Bridge engineering
Water Systems Engineering
Building Envelopes
Building Information Modeling
3D Rendering
Shop Drawing Production
Contracts Administration
Façade Engineering
Power Supply Systems
Civil Engineering
Cost Estimation
Quantity Surveying
Lighting Design
Solar PV Systems
Security Systems
Solid Waste Management
Interior Design
Traffic Engineering
HVAC Systems Engineering
Plumbing Engineering
Water Resources Engineering
Urban Planning
Claims and Disputes
Construction Management
Real Estate Consulting
Project Planning
Building Management Systems
Renewable Energy Systems
Environmental Engineering
Transportation Planning
Firefighting Systems Design
...and more fields covering everything in construction!
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Companies might reach out to you, ask you questions, or offer you a job. Our internal team at Handiss might also contact you for an opportunity, and it could be full-time, contract, or freelance work. For freelance work, we provide the tools to work and even get paid online!
We hope that you join us and become part of our global network. Our support team will always be available to answer your questions and to assist you.
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