Steven Unikewicz

Principle Engineer

Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America (USA)
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• A strategic thinker and planner; complex regulatory and design issues are resolved in a complete, efficient manner.
• Extensive US and International experience in the fields of Nuclear Power, Advanced Reactor and Process Plant Engineering, Design, Regulation, Construction, Operation and Project Management.
• Engineered and managed multi-million-dollar, multi-discipline nuclear and non-nuclear power projects.
• Evaluated, planned, developed, managed and performed water and energy facilities testing, commissioning, and O&M documentation on time and within budget.
• Technical leader among employers, engineering and professional groups and the local community.
• Member, ASME Board on Nuclear Codes and Standards; ASME Engineering Sciences Segment Leader; ASME OM Code Standards Committee; Environmental Division Leadership Team.
• Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
Principal Consulting Engineer
2018 - Present
Unikewicz Consulting Engineers
Ashburn VA, United States of America (USA)
• Nuclear Subject Matter Expert supporting the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of the General Counsel (OGC), in preparing regulations to implement Section 934 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. I am providing research and technical expertise in support of the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage (CSC) Rulemaking.
• Author of White Paper entitled, Kerncentrale Doel and Centrale Nucléaire de Tihange Post-LOCA Emergency Core Cooling System Pump Mission Time. The paper provides the US and Belgian regulatory history and basis for use in the evaluation of GSI-191, Ex-vessel Downstream Effects on the Emergency Core Cooling System pumps at Doel and Tihange Nuclear Power Plants (Belgium).
• Mechanical Engineering and Regulatory Consultant to US and Belgian nuclear power stations on topical areas comprising ASME Code, Inservice Testing, Design Control and Generic Issues.
Sr Licensing Engineer
2015 - 2018
NuScale Power
Rockville MD, United States of America (USA)
Through my direct interface with US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Technical and Management staff on Mechanical and Environmental issues during the pre- and post-Design Certification Application (DCA) process, NuScale achieved a first of a kind success with a Small Modular Nuclear Reactor (SMR) DCA submittal on 31 December 2016. The application was accepted for review on 17 March 2017. My role was to resolve design and regulatory issues to ensure and support the NRC finding that the NuScale design is safe. I supported this challenge by being:

• An advisor to NuScale Senior Management on strategic licensing and design challenges.
• A counterpart to the NRC Office of New Reactors Project Management staff, translating design and licensing issues into successful regulatory solutions.
• A lead for licensing and engineering activities regarding the Design Certification Application of the NuScale SMR. The result was fewer design and regulatory issues to be resolved during Application Review. This included acting as a technical lead during the Pre-Application Audit.
• Providing training to NRC NRO Staff, Regions and Senior NRC Management on the NuScale design.
• Reviewed and prepared licensing and engineering documents that use and apply Nuclear Codes and Standards to ensure compliance with Regulatory and Technical Bases documents. Specifically, technical information regarding the NSSS, including in-service testing; piping, valves and electrical design; containment systems design and QME-1 qualification of components.
• Prepared, reviewed and approved responses to NRC Requests for Additional Information (RAI) on the NuScale DCA to ensure compliance with the design and regulations.
• Prepared, reviewed and approved changes to the NuScale DCA.
• Lead Licensing staff regarding Inspections, Tests, Analysis and Acceptance Criteria (ITAAC) of mechanical equipment. I ensured that the proposed ITAAC were relevant and in accord with agreed upon industry and NRC expectations. I facilitated the resolution of disagreements between NuScale and the NRC.
• Served as an interdisciplinary reviewer of the Environmental Report.
• Lead the licensing efforts on Emergency Planning and for Beyond-Design-Basis Event licensing and design documents.
• Authored and performed technical reviews of licensing documents and correspondence, DCA, Exemptions, Topical Reports and NRC technical and strategic presentations that supported the design and regulations.
• Prepared and reviewed licensing documents related to Combined Operating License Applications (COLA).
Sr Principle Engineer
2008 - 2015
Alion Science & Technology
Vienna VA, United States of America (USA)
• Mechanical Engineering Lead for nuclear component and plant system evaluations and analysis. Technical areas included plant design, operation and maintenance, NPSH, gas entrainment in fluid systems, pump minimum flow protection, plant operability assessments, in-service testing of pumps and valves and regulatory review.
• Supported all aspects of plant design and operation including DCD development and NRC RAI responses.
• ASME B&PV and OM Code lead.
• Provided consulting in areas of GSI-191 Ex and In-Downstream Effects and Chemical Effects to the nuclear power industry.
• Engaged in strategic planning and business development for domestic and international nuclear projects with other senior staff.
• Pump operation and design consultant for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI)/MNES on the US-APWR COLA effort.
• Wrote the MHI Downstream Effects (ex-vessel) report for the US-APWR new reactor submittal to the NRC including a white paper on containment overpressure and NPSH.
• Provided training and consultation to Korean Electric Power Research Institute on the development and Implementation of their AOV Program, Fire Protection program including development of HELB Augmented ISI Program.
• Provided ASME OM Code guidance and technical reports to TVA and other US nuclear facilities.
• Provided research and technical support to St. Lucie Nuclear Station for their response to NRC GL 08-01 and on various Instrument Air System and component issues.
• Performed walk-downs and containment assessments for Qinshan Unit 1 (China), Tihange 3 (Belgium), Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Station (CCNPP) and Nine Mile Point (NMP).
• Technical and hydraulic lead for Tihange 3 GSI-191 analysis and testing effort.
• Wrote and presented domestic and international bid proposals for projects between $25K and $2.5M.
• Wrote design changes and engineering packages while providing consulting services for numerous other nuclear plants and utilities on air entrainment, system flow balancing and other plant design and operational issues.
Sr Engineer
2002 - 2008
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Sr Engineer
1982 - 2001
Northeast Utilities
Washington DC, United States of America (USA)
• Member, NRC Headquarters Incident Response Team, Reactor Safety Team counterpart to Protective Measure Team.
• Lead reviewer for NRC GSI-191, Containment Sumps” downstream effects” issues.
• Responsible for systems, components and reactor vessel reviews.
• Developed and reviewed ASME Codes, Standards and Regulations regarding the In-Service Testing of Components at Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
• Lead author for NUREG-1482, Rev 1 Guidelines for In-service Testing at Nuclear Power Plants.
• Principal reviewer and writer of the Davis Besse, High Pressure Injection System and pump modifications USNRC safety evaluation.
• Provided technical leadership and guidance to NRC headquarters staff, and regional and site inspectors on IST issues.
• NRC representative to the Air Operated Valve Users Group (AUG), Emergency Diesel Generator Users Group, and the In-service Test Owners Group (ISTOG).
• Wrote technical and safety evaluations for ASME Code relief requests and proposed license amendments to site Technical Specifications.
• Functioned as NRR/DCI representative to the Operating Experience (OpE) program and wrote NRC generic communications on component and component testing issues.
• Served as an inspector for special inspections of critical systems at US commercial sites.
• Technical reviewer for Westinghouse AP1000 DCD as well as being involved with review of the other new reactor designs submitted to NRC.
• Developed and presented formal classroom training, as an instructor to NRC Regional Offices and Inspectors on In-service Testing and on the design, operation and testing of air operated valves.
Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering
University of Hartford
West Hartford CT, United States of America (USA)
Incident Investigation Team, USNRC, qualified 2/14/03
Formerly Certified ASME Level II Visual Examiner VT I, II, III, IV
Formerly Certified Asbestos Supervisor, Certification # 421 P & P/S
Board of Education Member, Secretary, Colchester CT 1998 – 2001
Water and Sewer Commission, Member, Colchester CT 1992 - 1998
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