Dragan Angelov

Geotechnical Engineer

Skopje, Macedonia
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Geotechnical Engineering

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I am experienced at applying the principles of Engineering and Project Management when planning, designing and overseeing the construction and maintenance of geotechnical structures and interaction facilities.

My progressive International engineering experience has provided me with the opportunity to develop strong client-relation building skills, and an ability to lead multi-disciplinary international teams, for one of the most powerful companies in the industry.
Supervisory Geotechnical Engineer
2018 - 2018
Bechtel & Enka JV
Ferizaj, Kosovo
The Project consists of the construction of a 4 lane Motorway from the south of Prishtina (Kosovo’s Capital City) to Hani i Elezit (on the Kosovo and Macedonia border) 65 km in total. includes 13 bridges (7,920 m), 19 overpasses, 18 underpasses, 240 box and pipe culverts, 19 million m3 excavation, 10 million m3 earth and rock fill, 540K m3 concrete, 740K m3 subbase & CTB, 595K ton asphalt and 170 km guardrail.

Activities performed:
- internal supervisory of the all processes of piling works
- internal supervisory of slope protection works, with correlation of the design
- assessment in overall from geotechnical aspect
QC Engineer
2016 - 2017
Bauer Foundations Canada Inc.
North West Territories, Diavik Diamond Mine, Canada
A 26 meter deep cut-off wall is required for the 2.2 kil-ometer dike so that the fourth kimberlite pipe, desig-nated A21 and located under the waters of Lac de Gras, can be open-pit mined for extracting diamond ore. Bauer applied the following techniques:
-Vibro Densification; ,
-Curtain Grouting;
-Pre-Drilling Piles for CSM;
-Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM);
-Jet Grouting.

The CSM technique is implemented through the use of trench cutters that are specially modified for this pro-cess. By using the in-situ soils, the CSM technique provides substantial logistic advantages and cost sav-ings compared to more traditional methods.
The company used BAUER BG 30 and BG 40 rotary drilling rigs, three universal drilling rigs from KLEMM Bohrtechnik GmbH and cranes to complete soil im-provement with Vibro Compaction, perform trials, car-ry out curtain grouting work in the underlying rock and some other essential preliminary works for the cut-off wall.
Drilling / Grouting Construction Mng.
2014 - 2015
BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH
Lobesa, Bhutan
The purpose of the works was the installation of a seepage cut-off at the upstream cofferdam for a safe construction of the main dam.

Despite the very difficult subsurface conditions including extensive boulders drilling and the ex-tremely difficult working conditions in a remote lo-cation as Bhutan, the cut-off wall works were completed in a successful way. Approximately 35,000 linear meters have been drilled and grouted since the award in 2014.

The works were executed by utilizing 2 nos. of drilling units Klemm KR 806-2DB and 12 nos. of Obermann Grout Pumps over a construction peri-od of 12 months. ;
Activities performed:
- plan the site activities
- analyze soil stratigraphy
- plan the drilling / grouting sequence
- detect zones of cavities or extraordinary perme-ability of the soil
- quantity of gravity grout installed
- monitor the individual processes, and parame-ters
- gather data and reports
- build and approve quality control reports and documents
- record anomalies
- calculate time spent on each activities
- create visual 2D models of grout consumption in each row
Drilling / Grouting Construction Mng.
2013 - 2014
BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH
Trongsa, Bhutan
The Project “Mangdegchhu HEP U/S Cofferdam CoW”, cut-off wall (d=1.2m) was constructed to control water seepage, allowing subsequent con-struction of a deep excavation pit for the main dam. The cut-off wall was cutter-excavated slurry cut-off wall (up to 57.45m) with plastic concrete. The cut-off wall was keyed in very hard gneiss.
In order to assure trench stability for the cut-off wall excavation, the colluvium soils with massive boulders were pre-treated. This was done prior to the cut-off wall works by gravity cement grouting. ;
Activities performed:
A) Pre-Treatment with gravity grouting (Construc-tion Manager)
- analyze soil stratigraphy
- plan the drilling / grouting sequence
- anomalies during drilling process, which may provide information about the subsoil conditions
- determine top of rock and continuity below
- detect zones of cavities or extraordinary perme-ability of the soil
- quantity of gravity grout installed
- monitor the individual processes
- gather data and reports
- build and approve quality control reports and documents
- monitor the parameters
B) Cut-off wall with plastic concrete (Construction Manager)
- plan the site activities
- detect in-situ soil conditions
- record anomalies
- estimate the top of rock
- calculate time spent on each activities
- monitor the properties of the supporting slurry, ensuring maximum stabilization properties as well as a clean excavation
- control the vertical of the trench (CIS and KO-DEN)
- assure that a plastic concrete has been installed with parameters which satisfies the specification
- cutting time analysis(soil / rock)
Project Manager
2012 - 2013
Civil Engineering Institute "Macedonia"
Vishegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Project Manager for the drilling and grouting works
- Drill methodology;
- Deviation of boreholes (site testing’s and cabinet analyses)
- Grouting the drilled holes;
- Graphical designing in AutoCAD;
Geotechnical Engineer
2009 - 2012
Civil Engineering Institute "Macedonia"
Skopje, Macedonia
In-country Projects in:
• Geotechnical Engineering
• Dams and hydro technical constructions
• Deep foundations
• Slope stability
• Retaining structures
BSc Graduated Engineer of Geotechnics
University “St. Cyril And Methodius” , Faculty of Civil Engineering, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Skopje, Macedonia
Geotechnical Engineering
Area of focus
Foundation Engineering
Dams, Dykes, & Levees
Ground Improvement
Retaining Structures
Soil Investigation
Embankments & Slope Stabilizition
Bill Of Quantities
Modelling, Calculations, Analysis
Design Review
Report Writing
Schematic Design
Detailed Design
Plaxis 2D
Plaxis 3D