Jon Kostyniuk

Traffic and Transportation Engineer

London, Ontario, Canada
PE - Transportation| Ontario | Canada
Fields of Expertise

Transportation Engineering

Jon has over 15 years of experience in the fields of transportation and electrical engineering with primary technical expertise is in the development, calibration, and application of multi-resolution, multi-model mobility models for transportation planning. Key experience also includes the planning, procurement, and implementation of a new, multi-million dollar ITS and development of a Connected and Automated Vehicle Strategy. He has further demonstrated experience in big data management and analytics and is familiar with API design, information propagation, and emerging technologies related to ITS and integrated mobility solutions for transportation.
Traffic and Transportation Engineer
2018 - Present
City of London
London, Canada
- Research and procurement of Intelligent Transportation Systems.
- Development of a Transportation Management Centre.
- Project Manager of Connected and autonomous vehicle research, strategy, preparation, and working group.
- Coordination of the Red Light Camera and Automated Speed Enforcement programs.
- Advocate for Vision Zero programs.
- Development data integrations to propagate real-time traveller information, such as through Waze's Connected Citizen Program and other partnerships.
- Development of customer relationship management tools (such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM) and knowledge base articles.
- Development of technical specifications and engagement in the procurement process.
- Project management and coordination.
- Management of personnel.
Transportation Engineer
2009 - 2017
Dillon Consulting Limited
London, Canada
- Intelligent Transportation Systems with experience in big data and emerging technologies.
- Multi-resolution modelling and analysis using the VISUM/VISSIM software suite and COM with Python
- Matrix estimation and development of demand models and tools
- Field and traffic operations analysis for commercial vehicle inspection facilities
- Development of various transportation master plans; responsible for research, analysis, and documentation on transportation planning, including sections on demand/operational modelling
- Transit feasibility study demand modelling
- Peer reviews of transportation demand models
- Completion of transportation impact studies, including the development of microsimulation models, operational analysis, and documentation
- Familiarity with OTM design standards for traffic signals – intersection signal layouts, wiring diagrams, standard specifications, operational analysis, and signal timing sheets
- Construction detour operational analysis and planning
- Asset management inspection and evaluation
- Intermediate role in project coordination and management as part of a larger team, including mentorship of junior staff.
Transportation EIT
2006 - 2009
City of Calgary
Calgary, AB, Canada
- Involved in the development of the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) 2009; responsible for research, writing, and consultation of goods movement chapter in sustainable city development
- Represented transportation planning interests on committee for truck and dangerous goods bylaw review; reviewed current and potential future routes from a transportation planning perspective
- Support role in the City’s involvement with the Province of Alberta in construction of Calgary’s Ring Road; developed interface to keep internal stakeholders informed, attended various project meetings, completed side projects as required
- Involved in project management, support, and peer review of ASPs, corridor studies, functional studies, and TIAs
- Represented the City in various public open houses; engaged public in project-specific questions and concerns
- Familiarity with Calgary’s Regional Transportation Model (RTM), transportation network, and the use of modeling software packages such as Emme
- Implementing various computer scripts in Python and VBA to improve process efficiency and creating spreadsheets to display results
- Responsible for completing RTM forecasting and analysis for TIA, Noise, and other various transportation studies for both internal and external clients
- Involved in model revalidation process and transportation network updates
Electrical and Instrumentation EIT
2005 - 2006
Wardrop Engineering (Tetra Tech)
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
- Design various control systems using PLC and DCS
- Responsible for research and data gathering for database development and entry
- Initiating writing and programming of various scripts to assist in efficiency of repetitive tasks
Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering Student
2002 - 2003
Syncrude Canada Limited
Fort McMurray, AB, Canada
- Worked in both the Extraction and Mining Divisions as part of a one-year student co-op term
- Developed engineering packages to implement new and/or revised process changes to plant operations
- Became familiar with the use of Instrumentation, Electrical, and P&ID engineering drawings
Masters Course in Transportation Engineering
University of Calgary
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (B.Sc.)
University of Saskatchewan
Transportation Engineering
Area of focus
Transportation Planning And Traffic Engineering
Traffic Impact Studies
Multimodal Traffic Modeling
Traffic Micro-simulations
Pedestrian/crowd Simulations
GIS Modelling