Rajib Dey

Geotechnical Engineer and Design Specialist

Brampton, Ontario, Canada
PE - Geotechnical| Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, Ontario | Canada
Fields of Expertise

Geotechnical Engineering

Dr. Rajib Dey is a Geotechnical Engineer with Stantec in the Markham, ON office. Rajib has a Doctorate in Geotechnical Engineering and a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering. Rajib has thirteen (13) years of combined experience in teaching, consulting and research in the field of offshore and onshore geotechnical engineering. Rajib has completed various geotechnical projects across Canada and USA. Many of these projects involved site investigations, testing, extensive analysis and evaluation. He has carried out field investigations and engineering design and analysis for shallow and deep foundations on soil and rock; foundation design in permafrost region; seepage & slope stability analyses; seismic analyses; design and analysis for retaining/dam/dyke structures; design/analysis for marine development and nearshore structures; modeling of underground tunnel structures; modeling of landslides on sensitive clays in both onshore and offshore environment; site visit for landslide assessment and remediation; as well as geohazard assessment. He has a solid background in soil modeling, soil and rock testing, and technical standards. Rajib is skilled in SLOPE/W, SEEP/W, QUAKE/W, Settle 3D, L-Pile/A-pile as well as in advanced numerical analysis using software such as ABAQUS, MATLAB, MAPLE, PLAXIS, Phase 2D, RocScience 3D. He has also experience in proposal writing, site inspections and monitoring, construction supervision, mentoring junior staffs, and report preparation.
Geotechnical Engineer
2015 - Present
Ontario, Canada
Project Experiences on Residential/Commercial Development, Development on Soft Soil, Geohazard Engineering, Forensic Study, Seismic Slope Analysis, Mining, Transportation, Oil and Gas, Power Transmission & Distribution, DAM Engineering, Marine/Coastal Engineering, Permafrost Engineering.

My main responsibilities include but not limited to field study, site visit/inspection, technical report writing, providing geotechnical design comments/recommendations, solving problems, performing analysis/design, numerical modeling, help structural/civil team to produce and review final drawings for design-build projects, mentoring juniors/field staffs, managing small to medium scale projects, proposal writing as well as provide technical support during construction if required.
Per Course Instructor
2018 - 2018
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada
ENGI 5723/6723: Geotechnical Engineering -II (Course Content - Shear Strength of soil, Lateral Earth Pressure, Slope Stability, Foundation Design, Ultimate Limit State and Working Stress Design Method)

- Teaching Geotechnical engineering course
- Preparing lectures
- Guiding/Mentoring Teaching Assistants
Project/Research Engineer
2015 - 2015
City of Mount Pearl
Newfoundland, Canada
- Team lead of the leak detection group involved conducting non-destruction leak detection tests on pipelines in the city area
- Helping the city to pinpoint the leaks on water distribution system and minimize the water loss
- Analyzing field data, preparing report and assisting Faculty of Engineering-MUN to develop potential model
- Awarded "Best Team of the year-2015" by the city council for the leak detection project for pinpointing hundred of leaks and saving millions of dollar for the city of Mount Pearl only in five/six months
Mitacs Globalink Mentor
2014 - 2014
Mitacs Inc. – Inspiring Innovation
The Mitacs Globalink program (http://www.mitacs.ca/globalink) is doing important work to help improve the innovation capacity of Canada hiring international students into Canadian universities during summer. The students will work in different research projects under the supervision of various professors throughout the country.

• Mentored international students to complete a research internship at Memorial University through the Mitacs Globalink program
• Submit a detailed interim and final report to Mitacs with a description of experiences and feedback
Per Course Instructor
2014 - 2014
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science:
ENGI-7745 (Highway Engineering) course:
- Prepared and delivered lectures on the fundamental concepts and principles of highway design
Graduate Teaching Assistant
2010 - 2014
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Courses: Geotechnical Engineering Ι (ENGI 4723), Geotechnical Engineering ΙΙ (ENGI 5723), Highway Engineering (ENGI 7745), Engineering Statics (ENGI 1010), Structural Analysis (ENGI 6705), Surveying and Geomatics (ENGI 3703) and Mechanics of Solids II (ENG 5312)
- Demonstrated various experiments such as direct shear, tri-axial, unconfined compression, compaction, and vane shear test
- Supervised students to complete lab experiments, marked midterm quizzes, lab reports and assignments
- Taught SEEP/W and SLOPE/W software, MSE wall design
Research Assistant -Graduate Swap Program
2013 - 2013
- Provided research support on the project “Gas Hydrates Characterization of the Newfoundland Margin: Resources and Geohazards” with C-CORE geotechnical group
- Prepared the section on “Stability analysis of slope: geohazard point of view”
Site Construction Engineer
2008 - 2009
Orascom Telecom
Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E. is an international telecommunications company operating GSM networks in the Middle East, Africa, Canada and Asia. In Bangladesh, it is operating its business as BANGLALINK

- Conducted feasibility study for the proposed tower site
- Checked proposed designs based on feasibility reports and liaised with consultants regarding changes
- Supervised contractors and responded to various technical issues which arose during foundation construction due to unwanted natural calamity such as tidal water effects
-Worked also as QA engineer for the owner and responsible for successfully completing the construction of each assigned tower site
Design Engineer
2007 - 2008
EPIC Property Asset Management Limited

- Assisted designing a container yard, a six and ten storied residential building
- Designed mat and the pile foundations for multipurpose cyclone shelters
BSc. of Eng. in Civil Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Ph.D in Civil (Geotechnical) Engineering CGPA (4.0/4.0); Average 94.5%
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Geotechnical Engineering
Area of focus
Embankments & Slope Stabilizition
Road Pavement Design
Soil Investigation
Foundation Engineering
Dams, Dykes, & Levees
Ground Improvement
Retaining Structures
Shoring Design
Plaxis 2D
Plaxis 3D