Caroline Spigelski


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fields of Expertise


With over 18 years’ experience in managing the planning, design and construction of residential and institutional buildings in the Canadian context, and extensive international experience as a project lead in the development sector, I bring a balance of informed project managerial oversight, strong logistics skills, culturally appropriate management skills and consultative based approach with local cultures. Having worked on multiple complex lengthy planning and building projects I bring a depth of management experience from my work leading interdisciplinary and international teams both during the planning, scheduling and design feasibility phases and also in the implementation phase.

I use and adopt appropriate reporting and tracking tools in order to report effectively on a timely basis and in that regard that is highly responsive to project the implementation and reporting demands. In addition to strong logistical skills I am adept at synthesizing various streams of information and utilizing appropriate communication strategies to all levels of stakeholders, including project-affected community leadership and government. I am fluent in English and French and is intimately familiar with the policies and international social safeguard standards, of the World Bank Group.

My architectural work in the Canadian context has included LEED-certified medical and science research buildings in Quebec and Ontario. These projects incorporate management of multiple stakeholders, pro-gramming, user group consultation and collaboration with other design firms. Large or small, I approach my projects with a particular sensitivity to client input and design aesthetics, while maintaining a rigorous approach to all aspects of sustainability and cost control.
Architect and Planner
2016 - Present
ERM: Environmental Resources Management
Toronto, Canada
2012 - 2016
SvN Architects + Planners
Toronto, Canada
- 2015 Rosewood Park - Regina, Saskatchewan (Project Architect)
Planning and Design of the Rosewood Park community which includes civic, cultural and spiritual facilities. The community is being designed sustainably with tree-lined streets and full access to transit and multi-use pathways.

- 2015 25 St. Dennis Apartment Building - Toronto (Project Architect) 44,590 sqm new construction - $90M

- 2014-2015 Housing Resettlement - Badagry Port, Nigeria
The port development is located 70km west of Lagos. Work has included an Influx Management Plan to assist in targeting sustainable growth patterns as a result of the large infrastructure project. This work has also included meeting with multi-stakeholder engagement to facilitate the process of defining and quantifying potential in-migration impacts and developing project-specific interventions to enhance the positive and mitigate the negative aspects of such rapid growth. In addition, I have developed the urban plans for the resettlement in conjunction with the design of new housing types for the community.

- 2012-2014 Life Community Church and Venue (1300 seats)
Having outgrown their current facility, the Life Community Church of God purchased a 3.2 acre parcel of land on which to build a new facility for them to relocate. The facility is currently in the permitting and fundraising stage. The new building has been designed to facilitate Sunday morning worship alongside community programs targeting youth, unemployment, childcare, and adult and youth leadership – much needed programs in the surrounding local community.
dining hall for banquets. A recording studio supports the active music culture of the church and also acts as the broadcast studio for their Sunday morning TV program.

- 2012 Oyu Tolgoi Mine Town and Business Park - South Gobi, Mongolia (Rio Tinto)
The feasibility study assessed a range of potential conceptual options locating a new mining town for a population of 20,000
Project Manager
2011 - 2012
Toronto, Canada
- Shelter Project Manager, ACTED implementation of ADB-funded , permanent housing project for 148 affected families.
The households selected were those who were most affected by the June 2010 violence. One year after the violence, with the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), ACTED and Danish Refugee Council (DRC) partnered with the local authorities in Osh and Jalalabad to continue the shelter project that was initiated by UNHCR 6 months prior by extending the houses built in 2010. The subsequent permanent housing project, implemented by ACTED and DRC, provided adequate permanent housing for 1,500 families. The households selected were those who were most affected by the June violence.

- As Project Manager and Technical Advisor of the Jalalabad site, Caroline’s responsibilities included:

• External Engagement – liaising with the ADB and other implementing partners ensuring the implementation of relevant IFC standards; working the central and local and authorities including the planning and architecture departments to ensure compliance with local planning codes to manage population influx and unplanned growth
• Community Engagement – holding regular beneficiary/builder meetings to ensure compliance with all building code standards and schedule; development of mechanism to manage beneficiary grievances.
• Project Coordination – working with local engineers, staff and site building supervisors to ensure construction standards were upheld and schedule maintained.
• Technical Advisor – regular provision of house building design and technical advice to team and beneficiaries
1997 - 2009
Diamond and Schmitt Architects
Toronto, Canada
Project architect/project manager responsibilities included planning, programming, design, client and municipality relations, consultant and document coordination, contract administration and construction, cost management.

Associate architect responsibilities included management, proposal writing, project interviews, mentorship, research and development. Focused on urban, institutional projects though a sustainability lens. Key projects included:

• Women’s College Hospital - Toronto, Canada (Project Manager/Project Architect)
Planning, Design, Compliance (PDC) for Design, Build, Finance, Maintain (DBFM) project - 420,000 sq ft - $450 million

• Women’s Health Clinic – St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada (Project Manager/Project Architect)

• Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry - University of Windsor, Canada (Project Architect, LEED Coordinator)

• Life Sciences Complex – McGill University, Montreal, Canada (Project Architect, responsible for user group meetings; schematic design, design development and contract document coordination) - With Provencher Roy + associés architects.

• Health Education Centre – Vancouver General Hospital, Canada (Project Manager/Project Architect)

• Student Residence – Humber College, Toronto, Canada (Project Manager/Project Architect)

• Student Residence – Humber College, Toronto, Canada (Project Manager/Project
Master's Degree in Geography / International Development
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
London, United Kingdom (UK)
Bachelor's Degree in Architecture
University of Toronto
Area of focus
Sustainable Design
Renovation & Rehabilitation