Work With the Best Freelance Talent
It is our business to make sure that you work with the right professionals for your construction project.
Work with qualified & vetted industry experts
Stop wasting your time and resources searching for the right people to work with. We’ve already done the work for you and built a strong global network of top engineers and architects who’ll be perfect for your project. This is how we do things around here:
Our vetting system
We ensure that you work with the right experts by employing a systematic vetting process:
Profile review and initial assessment
In-depth evaluation of career and previous work samples
Interview for technical and communication skills
Client feedback
Client satisfaction is at the core of what we do, so we build on client feedback on each expert’s performance to keep growing stronger.
Network growth & headhunting
Our team is always on the lookout for top talent out there in the industry. It is an ongoing process that aims at constantly improving the level of service we provide you.
Fast & on-budget
Our team uses automated processes through our network database to quickly reach out to the Handiss community and find you the right experts for the right price!
Get your work started as early as 48h from getting in touch with us
Working with independent experts and freelancers saves you the costs of unnecessary overheads
Work with customized teams
Our service is flexible, and we can match you with a team of several individuals who can take on complex and demanding tasks, or just one professional who can help you in a tough period during your project.
With Handiss, accomplish more with less!
Want to learn more about the process?
Here’s how it works.