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Prepare architecture and engineering designs with help from a regional and global network
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Hire direct from a professional network of architecture and engineering service providers
across the AE spectrum. Handiss is your firm’s resource for on-demand talent and skills.
We know how difficult it can be to find the right professional with the right skill set for a project you’re working on. Engineers, architects, technologists, and industry experts of all kinds are very diverse in their specializations and skills, which makes finding specific talent hard.
Has your firm’s progress ever been hindered because you couldn’t find the right people to hire or to partner with? Have you been in a situation where you needed an extra hand but couldn’t find someone reliable?
We built Handiss to make it easier to track down the right professionals to work with your team, whether you need a freelancer for a single task, or a partner for long-term commitment. This is a network of ambitious freelancers and small firm owners in architecture and engineering, and we’re growing. Join Handiss to hire, be hired, or both.
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Unlimited access to the network of AE freelancers & small firms
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$290 monthly or $2900 annually
All the features in Basic, and
Dedicated assistance from your own account manager
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Ruben Caldwell
Studio Tack
Handiss is a fantastic service and platform with a number of smart features that make it a pleasure to use. The platform is also backed by a highly responsive team that is there to help if you can't find exactly what you need. Highly recommended.
Daron Grant Chidiac
Chidiac Real Estate
I was having a hard time finding an architect to do my 3d renders. Through Handiss I connected with Tarek who got the job done perfectly and on time.
Sima Azar
Bildworx Design, LLC
The team at Handiss goes above and beyond to ensure the success of both their clients and their experts. They are responsive, friendly, and easy to work with. When connecting us with their vetted AEC industry professionals, we know we are partnering with dedicated and hardworking team players to produce quality work. We highly recommend Handiss.
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The Market Network for Architecture & Engineering is Coming
Lack of easy access to talent is costly to small and medium architecture and engineering firms. As a result, projects suffer, and so do prospects for business growth. After all, a firm can’t grow beyond the capacity of its team, so if growing the team is difficult, then growing the business is even harder.
What it takes to become a freelance architect
Becoming a freelance architect presents challenges similar to those that an entrepreneur faces when starting a business.
Your career options in civil engineering
Choosing your first job as a civil engineer is a critical decision that could set you off on a lifelong career path.
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