Hire Freelancers, Consultants, & Remote Workers
A wide network of architects, engineers, & industry experts - ready to work, job to job.
Broaden your reach with the Business Access monthly subscription plan:
It’s the new age of hiring. Your core team is essential to your company, but as new projects come your way, an extra hand is good to have.

This subscription gets you the flexibility and resourcefulness you need in your company so that instead of saying no to the next project because your team is overloaded, you can say yes.

Browse through an extensive database of industry professionals, find the right candidates, contact them, receive and negotiate offers, and get started on more projects with the right partners. Your very own account manager will be right there next to you to make sure you find the right hires.
Filter by niche, skill, certification, license, software knowledge, location, and more.
Contact professionals directly or simply submit your project listings and receive offers.
Access thousands of industry professionals.
24/7 hiring support from your own dedicated account manager from Handiss
Pay per hire:
If your company has less frequent hiring needs, we offer a one-time hiring service that is catered for your needs.
Contract and Freelance Hiring:
Get in touch with our team and let us know about the details and requirements of your work. Our team will match you with up to 3 vetted, top industry experts, with quoted prices for their work. Depending on the request, it may take from as little as hours to several days to send candidates your way.

You can view each expert’s profile, interview each candidate, and hire the best candidate. Using our Project Workspace, which is our customized project management dashboard, you can manage your communication and payments securely.
The Project Workspace
Pay only when you’re satisfied with the work. Our payment
system protects everyone’s interests.
Full Time Hiring:
This service is available only in the Toronto area. If you wish to hire on a full-time basis, we offer a standard recruitment service for a 15% commission upon successful hiring. All you need to do is:
Provide a detailed job description for the position you wish to fill.
Receive candidates for interviews. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the provided candidates, we will provide you with additional candidates until you find the perfect match.
Pay only after hiring and successful retention for a 3 month period.