The Unified Resource for AEC Companies for Full-Time,
Contract, & Freelance Hiring
With the generational, economic, and technological shifts that have happened over the last decade or so, work culture has changed. Across many industries, workers are no longer taking for granted the long-term employment path where you learn a skill set and work for a lifetime at one company. This is also happening in the architecture-engineering-construction industry.

While this may still be an attractive path for many to pursue, the economic realities, the constantly changing landscape of work, and the technological advancements that now enable people to work from anywhere have made a big impact on workers’ and employers’ options and choices. To adapt, employers must be flexible in their hiring, and human resources departments have more work cut out for them to make sure they operate smart talent management practices.

In engineering, architecture, and construction, we are not exempt from these changes at all, and sourcing and hiring the right talent has been a costly business, with over 40 Billion US Dollars spent industry-wide on recruitment solutions, both digital and traditional.
Reduce Time & Cost Spent on Sourcing & Hiring Talent
Inefficiency is spending hundreds of dollars a month on job ads on platforms that deliver unfiltered candidates, inevitably wasting even more of your valuable time sifting through resumes and profiles to find the best person for the job.
Inefficiency is also paying recruiters tens of thousands of dollars for sourcing good talent to fill important roles.
It’s insane how much companies are spending on inefficient resources. We are here to improve efficiency in the sourcing and hiring process by combining the powers of a digital platform with the human touch of vetting and verification of candidates.
If you subscribe to our annual service, you’ll get access to a vast network of industry specific candidate pages, with on-demand recruitment assistance to make sure you land the perfect candidates.
Access Vetted & Verified Candidates
We vet every profile for skill, quality of work, language skills, and our verification team works around the clock to verify education, employment history, and licensing for nearly everyone in our network. And if you come across an interesting candidate whom we’ve yet to have a chance to verify, just submit a verification request and we’ll get that candidate verified within days.
Flexible Hiring With a Flexible Talent Pool
In this day and age, you need to be flexible in your hiring practices. You need full-time employees for essential roles at your construction company, but you need contract hires for shorter term jobs, and freelancers for specific engineering tasks (many of which can be done remotely). Handiss is the unified resource for all of these needs:
Full-time Hiring
Use tools like direct messaging, database navigation, and make use of our industry specific network to plan ahead. Utilize our on-demand recruitment support for nailing down top candidates.
Contract Hiring
In addition to full-time hiring, have the flexibility of tracking down independent contractors in your locale for your temporary needs, using the same tools we provide for full-time hiring.
Freelance Hiring
Use our integrated communication and payment tools to hire, work, and pay remote engineers and architects for services like engineering, drafting, quantity surveying, BIM modeling, and more.