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Handiss is the online platform made solely for the AEC industry. Professionals and small firm owners join Handiss to make
new connections, produce designs more effectively, and open themselves up to new opportunities for contract and freelance work.
Handiss is not a listing website where intense competition awards projects to the lowest bidder. Instead, professionals and firms
get access to an in-depth search database algorithm that matches them to the right candidates for the work that is needed.
Creating a Handiss profile means jobs and projects may come to you.
Structural Engineering
Building Architecture
Landscape Architecture
Highway Design
Geotechnical Engineering
Bridge engineering
Water Systems Engineering
Building Envelopes
Building Information Modeling
3D Rendering
Shop Drawing Production
Contracts Administration
Façade Engineering
Power Supply Systems
Civil Engineering
Cost Estimation
Quantity Surveying
Lighting Design
Solar PV Systems
Security Systems
Solid Waste Management
Interior Design
Traffic Engineering
HVAC Systems Engineering
Plumbing Engineering
Water Resources Engineering
Urban Planning
Claims and Disputes
Construction Management
Real Estate Consulting
Project Planning
Building Management Systems
Renewable Energy Systems
Environmental Engineering
Transportation Planning
Firefighting Systems Design
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Freelance & Contract Work
Freelancing and entrepreneurship is a growing trend as professionals across industries are getting empowered through tools and platforms. We’re here to help you grow.
Enabling Remote Work
If you’re an engineering designer, an architect, or can offer any skill remotely, we provide the needed communication and payment tools to work remotely in a safe and secure way.
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Yes, it’s completely free. You’ve got nothing to lose but time to fill out your profile, and then reap the benefits.
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Handiss is not an all-automated platform where you can never reach proper support. We get involved from the start to make sure you and our clients are happy.
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We hate to brag, but our profile pages are a work of art! Upload rendered images, drawings, pdf files, or even pictures you’ve taken of your projects with your phone, and show people what you’ve been involved in!
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